Local Learning Resources

Dancers often have a un-ending thirst for improving their dance skills. Fortunately, we dancers have several local opportunities available to quench that thirst. Our HDSDC web site is regularly updated with our latest information such as:

1. When and where we offer beginner and intermediate-level group lessons. Group lessons are low cost, socially interactive and a great place to start. They help you adjust to different leaders/followers, you can accumulate lots of patterns over time, you can be somewhat anonymous within the group, and you can learn with your friends.

2. We have an extensive DVD library of dance instruction, events and workshops that are available for loan to local members.

3. We offer a spring and fall workshop each year at the Boise Valley Square and Round Dance Hall. And every January we hold our annual Membership Drive Workshop. We consistently charge our members less than other clubs around the country charge their members for comparable workshops.

There are also learning opportunities available outside of our club:

Other dance clubs and instructors in our area teach dance on a regular basis. Check their web sites and/or Facebook links for details. You can find most of their web links on our Favorite Links web page under Local Sites.

YouTube has loads of dance videos. Try searching by dance name and add a qualifier (e.g. East Coast Swing dance moves.). When using YouTube it is wise to stick with sources that you know and trust. Michael Kiehm's "Tips of the Week" series is excellent. So is Robert Royston's " How to Swing Dance" series of videos.

There are also regional events that are within driving distance. Most bring in many top-level instructors and dancers. Usually these are weekend events that offer many dance lessons, a variety of competitions, plus amazing entertainment with dance champion exhibitions, contests, and shows. For your convenience, we list regional events on our club's Favorite Links web page.