High Desert Swing Dance Club Info  


Who Are We?
Just people who love social swing dancing! Although we strongly favor West Coast Swing, we also enjoy Hustle, Night Club 2Step, East Coast Swing, Cha Cha and a few other dances. At our dances you will hear a variety of music; Rock, Pop, Funk, Rhythm and Blues, Country, Blues, Big Band, Beach, Jazz, Soul, Disco, and Latin. So don’t wait - come dance with us!

HDSDC is member of the National FastDance Association.

 Membership Benefits

Please open This Link to read about the many Benefits we offer our members.

 Membership Cost

       $30 before July 1st or  $15 after July 1st  (Cash or Checks Only)
Make checks payable to “HDSDC”

 Okay, how do I join?

Becoming a member is simple. Click the link below, then print and fill out the application. PLEASE print legibly!  Write your membership check payable to HDSDC and bring your completed form and payment to any HDSDC event and turn them in to one or our Board of Directors.  Upon receipt of your signed application and dues, we will add you to our membership list and email distribution list.

      Click here for membership form